Wood Pellet Grill vs Propane: Making the Switch

Wood Pellet Grill vs Propane: Making the Switch

The mention of grilling brings with it visions of grill marks on roasted meat, oozing with juice, and a tenderness that makes you feel like the meat can melt in your mouth. There is absolutely nothing that can keep a man from going back to his old ways and cooking raw meat over direct fire. Yet, many still wonder which is better: wood pellet grill vs propane grill?

Not everyone is made for grilling. Setting up your barbecue, keeping the required temperature, and the cooking itself requires a lot of effort and some basic knowledge. A good barbecue grill requires a skilled user who is aware of all the know-how of this classic cooking method. Well, at least that used to be true.

Nowadays, we have come up with a grilling apparatus that lets you cook your meat in a relatively easier way. You can now enjoy grilled, smoked, or roasted meat with just a bucketload of wood pellets, a wood pellet grill, and electricity.

What Is a Wood Pellet Grill?

Wood pellet grills are perhaps the hottest craze in the grilling industry, and it is getting even more famous. This height of popularity may be attributed to the basic features that make it so much easier to use compared to other types of grills.

Instead of charcoal, pellet grills use wood pellets. Each of these tiny cylindrical pellets is about two and a half centimeters in length and about half a centimeter in width. It’s made up of densified sawdust that burns bright and clean and leaves a smaller amount of ashes as compared to your usual charcoal.

A wood pellet grill runs on standard electricity and can be used in almost all kinds of household. An ignite rod is located at the fire pot, which ignites the wood pellets after a few minutes. Underneath the grate is a blower fan that gives you continuous heat and smoke from the pellets.

Wood pellet grills are equipped with a knob that lets you control the gas, and some variations even lets you smoke and grill over the burning pellets. Masters of grilling and smoking tend to frown upon this invention because, from their perspective, grilling is supposed to be hard work.

But then again, that won’t stop the rise of this revolutionary apparatus as people continue to embrace the advantages that come with using this device.

What Can It Do that Other Grills Can’t?

So this begs the question, is wood pellet grill better than your average grill? Of course, it will ultimately depend on what you’re looking for in a grill. Here’s a sneak peek of the wood pellet grill to help you decide if it’s the one for you.

  • Pellet grills are very flexible as it allows you to grill, smoke, roast, barbecue, and a lot of other things which is not true for other types of grills as it usually specializes in just one method.
  • Preheating your wood pellet grill also takes lesser time since it works in almost the same way as gas grills. An average time of 10 to 15 minutes is adequate to let you start grilling.
  • In adjusting the temperature, most pellet grills allow you to control it in 5-degree increments.
  • Heat in the grilling chamber is also measured with a thermostat to give you the precise temperature of your grill.
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of a pellet grill is the fact that pellets come in different flavors. Yes, the pellets that you use to apply direct heat can be flavored to give the meat a distinct flavor that is released while it burns. Apple, hickory, and bourbon are just some examples of the flavors.

Wood Pellet Grill Vs Propane: Which is Better?

So the ultimate showdown begins—is one grill really better than the other? We’ll let you become the judge of that. But, to help you decide, here are a few things you should know about the two.

An easy-to-use grill was achieved by propane or gas-powered grill. However, with the introduction of pellet grills, propane grills have started to lose the spotlight. This is because pellet grills are actually easier to use. It goes way beyond the reaches of gas grills since it’s equipped with digital controllers.

On the other hand, a gas grill can cook a wider variety of foods compared to wood pellet grills. You can also use it as a kitchen oven and bake dessert, pizza, roast a chicken, or make authentic ribs or briskets. A pellet grill is only usually good for smoking, grilling, and roasting.

One major drawback of a gas grill is that your cooked meat loses its smoky flavor since it is powered by gas, which is unable to give any additional taste to your meat. With pellet grills, however, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors and even the basic, regular pellet, can give out a smoky taste.

Pellet grills tend to be more expensive than gas grills. Therefore, if you’re working on a budget, a typical gas grill would be a couple of times cheaper than pellet grills since the technology that is added to pellet grills all add up to its final price.


After a thorough discussion about wood pellet grill vs propane, which one will you choose? Convenience is what pellet grills offer. The technology and the ease of use that comes with it make grilling 10 times easier.

No doubt, it will receive negative feedback from the old school experts who choose to stick to the old ways. Grilling food is perceived to be a manly method of cooking that is meant to reconnect us with our cavemen ancestors, which somehow justifies the point of view that grilling should mean hard work. But what about those people who just want to enjoy good food?

This is where pellet grills come in. It does the job of giving you a properly grilled steak while eliminating the amount of effort you put into setting up. Pellet grills provide you with a versatile, easy-to-use kitchen apparatus that you can use with just about anything connected to grilling.

In the end, it would still depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re meticulous and would want to get the full experience of grilling, then it would probably be best if you get a device that specializes in the method of cooking you prefer such as smoking or roasting. You would always need to make compromises when you choose between grills, but a wood pellet grill definitely minimizes it.

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