RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets, 40 lb Review

RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets

If you’ve spent anytime grilling, the name RecTec will be familiar. As good as their grills are, the company’s wood pellets are also up there when it comes to quality. Their Ultimate Blend Pellets makes a lot of claims when it comes to quality and results, but are they as good as the advertisements say?

We have years of experience with RecTec products as well as various wood pellet brands, and we were anxious to find out if this is up to the standards of other RecTec products. After a thorough assessment, we came away satisfied and here’s why.

Features of the RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets, 40 lb

  • The Ultimate Blend is comprised of a hickory and oak mixture to ensure food gets that rich, smoky flavor you want.
  • These wood pellets are designed to work with RecTec grills. But even if you own another brand it won’t be a concern since the wood pellets are compatible with all grills. So, while they are mainly for RecTec, expect the same good results with other brands.
  • The wood pellets are made according to the highest standards to ensure you get consistent results.
  • The Ultimate Blend wood pellets are made from 100% hardwood. Only natural hardwood is used.
  • The Ultimate Blend uses a special procedure that concentrates wood so the final product is in compact form. The end result is the wood pellet is very dense, allowing it to produce a lot of energy. This makes each pellet more effective as fuel while still being compact and easy to carry.
  • The pellets have a uniform size so they burn more efficiently and allow you to automate the way they are fed into the fire.
  • The pellets produce very little ash so even if you cook for hours on end they won’t be a hassle to clean up.
  • The wood pellets don’t contain any filler that might negatively affect the way you cook food.


These wood pellets from RecTec are deserving of the name as the blend is suitable for different types of smoking and grilling. The flavor is strong but it’s not overpowering, and it burns better than regular wood pellets. If you have used other wood pellets before you’re going to notice the difference immediately.

A close look reveals that the pellets are indeed compact and uniform in size. You can use them to smoke and grill an assortment of foods, and they’re good enough to last for hours. True to the claims you can use all kinds of grills with the pellets and the results will be just as good.

Smoking and grilling is straightforward with these wood pellets. Usage is no different from others so it’s just a matter of picking out the food you like and cooking them. The pellets may not look that different from others, but the end result is steaks, meats and fish have genuine smoky flavor.

The oak and hickory blend is more effective than expected. There are some who frown on oak and look down on it as a filler, but RecTec was able to blend these wood pieces properly so they’re more potent.

What makes the Ultimate Blend stand out is only fresh wood is used. All brands claim they use fresh wood but when you use the pellets you can tell that’s not the case. With RecTec you just have to open the bag and you will smell the difference. If you have used wood pellets before you’ll notice the difference because the wood pellets smell fresh like they’ve just been cut.

These pellets are versatile and can be used to flavor a wide array of foods. Whether it is briskets, steaks, BBQ or fish, you will taste and smell the difference. When it comes to quality and results, these wood pellets are comparable to the best out there.

The smoky flavor is evident, and if you spend a lot of time grilling, you taste the disparity when it comes to flavor. If we’re emphasizing the importance of flavors, it’s because that is what separates good wood pellets from bad ones.

We also have to add that the ash output is minimal compared to others, and heat generation is still good. When you combine the burn rate, ash production and smoky flavor, it’s a potent combo.


  • Dependable quality
  • Fine blends
  • Compatible with various grills
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of ash


  • Doesn’t specify the hickory and oak blend specs


RecTec is best known for their grills, but they also make exceptional accessories as well as wood pellets. RecTec Ultimate Blend is one product that lives up to the billing and more. Some purists may frown at the hickory and oak blend, but RecTec was able to get the formula right for this one.

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