Q Pellets Competition Blend BBQ Grilling and Smoking Pellets Review

Q Pellets Competition Blend BBQ Grilling and Smoking Pellets Review

Are you interested in buying Q Pellets? Maybe you’re wondering if it is really going to improve grilling and smoking or if you’re better off with something else. Well we were curious too so we decided to give this product a shot. After all, there are a lot of wood pellets online and it’s easy to make a mistake when you make a purchase.

We did a thorough review of the Q Pellets and we have to say that while it has a few shortcomings, overall, we were happy with the results. When it comes to grilling pellets you just want them to add that smoky flavor, and that is what you’ll get here, and a bit more as you’ll see.

Features of the Q Pellets Competition Blend BBQ Grilling and Smoking Pellets

  • Q pellets are made from the finest natural hardwood to make certain you only get the best smoky flavor for your food.
  • The wood pellets are not just for barbecue but all kinds of meat, fish and any food you want to grill or smoke.
  • The wood pellets combine hickory, cherry and red oak to give you optimum results.
  • The wood pellets have been tested to work with all grill and smoker brands. So, no matter what brand you’re using, the pellets will still produce the results you’re looking for.
  • Q pellets generate high BTU output for more efficient cooking.
  • Even when you cook and grill for hours, they only leave limited ash residue.
  • Q wood pellets don’t have any fillers, scents, sprays or other ingredients.


These pellets, as the product description indicates, have the features necessary to burn and cook food. The pellets work well for smoking and grilling, with the smoky flavor apparent both in smell and taste. The pellets also shine in the burning department; they are 100% pure, clean and natural.

Q Pellets are ideal for anyone who loves to grill and smoke. The blend is ideal for all around smoking and general grilling so you can cook pretty much anything and you will get that same smoky flavor.

A frequent complaint among users of wood pellets is the inconsistency of the results, with some more suited for brisket or other BBQ. The reason Q Pellets are so effective is the way the wood elements have been mixed. The hickory element provides foods with that smoky taste, while the cherry provides a nice reddish hue. Lastly, the red oak provides a hot, smooth burn.

These pellets are also suitable for anyone who wants extra flavor in their grilled or smoked foods. From barbecues, rib eyed steaks, pulled pork, hot dogs and so on, you get that rich smoky taste. While some wood pellets have difficulty cooking chicken, Q Pellets produce the same results.

These wood pellets provide the same results no matter what brand you’re using. One of the things you will also notice is that the wood pellets get seared well without producing a lot of ash. Ash has always been one of the problems with a lot of these wood pellets, so it’s a relief to see that Q Pellets was able to get it right.

If you have used wood pellets before, the biggest difference you will notice is that the pellets last much longer. Obviously, this makes a huge difference because each bag will last longer than others. Most wood pellets can’t handle anything above 380 degrees without needing a quick refill. With Q Pellets, even 400 degrees doesn’t need an immediate refill, if at all.

The longevity of the pellets is only one aspect, as another reason they are popular is their efficiency. The pellets provide a nice consistent burn, and they produce heat at a level that others cannot match. The burning process is straightforward and clean and the smoke quality is better compared to other wood pellets.

So, is this better? No, but overall these wood pellets perform a lot better than others and are more practical owing to their longevity. And when it comes to adding flavor it is hard to find a product that matches up with this.

If you have used smokers, you know how important wood pellets are. With Q Pellets, you’ll get the quality and flavor you’re looking for.


  • Leaves little ash residue
  • Good BTU levels
  • Contains no oil
  • Can be used for smokers and grills


  • Cooks steaks better than chicken


Q Pellets deserve the praise they’ve been getting as these are among the most efficient pellets today. As we have indicated in the review, they have the features you’re looking for such as clean smoke, limited ash residue and flavorful results. The Q pellets also burn nicely and last longer than most so we give this a thumbs up.

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