Lumber Jack 100% Mesquite BBQ Grilling Pellets Review

Lumber Jack 100 Percent Mesquite BBQ Grilling Pellets Review

Have you been on the lookout for quality grilling pellets and can’t decide what to buy? One product you have probably seen is Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets. Lumber Jack is known for their quality products so one has to wonder: are these BBQ pellets are as good as advertised, or is this just another run of the mill wood pellet?

For newcomers, there might not seem like a lot of difference between grilling pellets, but as will be shown in this review, that’s not true at all. The type of grilling pellets you use makes a big difference, and we’re happy to say that Lumber Jack does not disappoint when it comes to results.

Features of the Lumber Jack 100% Mesquite BBQ Grilling Pellets

  • Lumber Jack plants their own trees and uses them to make their wood pellets. What this means is the company does not rely on other manufacturers for their wood pellets.
  • The wood pellets are made without any artificial elements or chemicals. The process used to make these pellets is natural.
  • The BTU ranges goes up to 8500 BTUs, allowing them to burn at a more effective rate per pound.
  • The pellets are compact hardwood but packed with a lot of energy so they generate heat and smoke more efficiently.
  • The pellets have been prepared in a way that allows them to burn quickly and cleanly.
  • The pellets leave very little ash so they are more manageable than other grilling pellets.
  • Lumber Jack pellets come in a vast array of flavors such as maple, cherry, oak, hickory and so on. Many of their pellets are in a combination of these woods.
  • Lumber Jack pellets have been processed so they’re easy to use. They only take 15 minutes or so to heat up and they’re ready to use.
  • These are 100% mesquite and manufactured for optimum performance.


The feature specs above should give you an indication of how well the pellets work. They’re strongest point is versatility since you can use them to smoke fish, meats and other foods. Some may use this for barbecue, pork or steak, but regardless, you will get optimum results in terms of flavoring and consistency.

These pellets work well with different types of grills. The flavors are sharp and distinct and there is no bitterness or other unpleasant tastes that linger in your mouth. Low quality wood pellets are notorious for an unpleasant bark-like taste brought about by poor processing. However, you don’t have to worry about that here since they are well made.

The pellets are fine and there is really nothing to be concerned about when they’ll do with your food. The only minor cause for concern is the bags because they’re rather flimsy. As long as you’re careful there should not be any issues when using them in your grill or smoker.

The pellets are ideal for long smokes and short cooks, with the smoky flavors evident with the cooked meal. The pellets burn rapidly but not too fast that you use them up quickly. No matter what you’re cooking, the smoke is clear and clean. The pellets are compatible with different grills and smokers.

One of the more common complaints with wood pellets is their incompatibility with grills and smokers. This is not a concern with Lumber Jack wood pellets because of the way they’ve been processed.

Aside from grills and smokers, Lumber Jack pellets also work well with a pizza oven and really make an impact if you’re looking to add some smoky flavor to your pizza. The wood pellets also don’t produce a lot of ash the way others do. Also, their uniform size adds to the pellets’ efficiency.

These Lumber Jack pellets produce a powerful smoky flavor, but in addition to that, the smell alone makes a difference. Burning is efficient for both meats and fish, and the heat generation is among the best available. Apart from the consistency in the smoke, it is low maintenance and does not need a lot of cleaning up.

Lastly, as many reviewers have noted, the pellets last a lot longer than others, saving you time and money.


  • Works with different grills and smokers
  • Low ash production
  • Powerful smoky flavor
  • Pellets have consistent quality


  • Pellet bags are flimsy


If you have smoked or grilled food before, you know there’s no getting around the fact that quality pellets are a must. That’s the reason why it’s never a good idea to settle for a mediocre product as it has a negative effect on the food, i.e. adds an unpleasant taste to the food. Lumber Jack is the perfect example of a well-made wood pellet and is well worth a try.

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