Louisiana Grills 55410 Tennessee Whiskey Pellets Review

Louisiana Grills 55410 Tennessee Whiskey Pellets Review

Louisiana Grills have earned a solid reputation for its outstanding grills, but of course even the best grills won’t amount to much unless you’ve got quality pellets to go with them. Tennessee Whiskey Pellets are one of their primary pellet products, and the description looks good. But how do these pellets actually perform in real life situations?

After reviewing a lot of wood pellets, we have realized that they vary greatly in quality from good to barely usable. We’re happy to say that the Tennessee Whiskey Pellets are top of the line and provide excellent smoky flavor, and the following review sums up our findings.

Features of the Louisiana Grills 55410 Tennessee Whiskey Pellets

  • Tennessee Whiskey Pellets are made of a special blend of oak and whiskey barrel. These have been specially processed to give maximum favor for meats, fish and other foods.
  • The blend is 20% whiskey barrel and 80% oak, which is just the right amount to give foods a rich, smoky flavor.
  • Only the finest whiskey barrels are used for the pellets. There barrels are ground down and don’t have any artificial elements.
  • The pellets use only high quality wood to ensure you get only the best possible results when you smoke.
  • The pellets are compact and have the same size for a more effective burn rate. This is also necessary to produce better heat.
  • These wood pellets have been processed so you get a powerful flavor that is ideal for red meats and other foods.
  • The pellets are easy to use and because they’re all natural, they won’t leave any unpleasant taste when you cook food.
  • They do not have any chemicals, glues or spray scents that could affect the results.
  • The pellets have been processed to give it a nice aromatic scent and a sweet smoke.


Louisiana Grills 55410 Tennessee Whiskey Pellets are very popular and with good reason, as they deliver in the areas that matter most. These pellets work very well as fuel with meats, fish, chicken and many others. They are especially good for salmon as the taste difference is exceptional.

The difference in flavor is just as effective for meats. When you apply a lot of rub the effect may not be as notable. However, the pallet becomes more obvious if there is little rub as the wood flavor takes precedent. This does not mean you won’t be able to tell the difference if you use a lot of rub, but it is more notable when there’s only a bit of it.

The blend is comparable to those of other wood pellets, and in many cases, it is even more effective. The flavor is superb and the taste is more intense without being overbearing. Even if you are new to smoking and grilling you will notice the effect they have, especially on meats.

The pellets burn evenly so food is cooked properly. They work with several types of food so you’ll be able to grill and smoke consistently. The smoke is sufficient and this food not only has a smoky flavor but a rich scent as well.

When it comes to versatility, Tennessee Whiskey Pellets are a cut above the rest. If you have tried preparing pork roast for instance, the disparity between Tennessee Whiskey Pellets and the common variant is apparent. They are also a good choice if you’re preparing beef as they leave an excellent taste on the meat.

Tennessee Whiskey Pellets have proven their worth as far as taste is concerned. However, they also score points for being producing a small amount of ash. When you compare this with other pellets you will clearly see that the ash production is smaller, even when you grill for long periods.

A big reason why Tennessee Whiskey Pellets are this good has to do with the way they’ve been processed. We have already explained how this works so there is no need to go over it again. However, we need to point out that the pellets being natural hardwood allows the flavors to come through.

So, are Tennessee Whiskey Pellets perfect? No, they are not, but their shortcomings are insignificant when you compare them to others in the market. Bottom line: the results are better whether it is meat, fish or other foods.


  • Excellent smoky flavor
  • Limited ash production
  • Versatile performance
  • Very good burn rate


  • Long smoking may take some time to burn


Louisiana Grills makes several fine quality wood pellets, and Tennessee Whiskey Pellets are among the best we have tried. This 20 pound bag is packed with a lot of pellets and because each one lasts a long time, you don’t have to buy replacements anytime soon. For being economical and producing excellent smoky flavor, it’s a solid buy.

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